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Is Coaching Right For You?

Are you looking for 'Ease & Flow' in your relationships, business, or personal life? 

So many people in the world are feeling stressed out, frustrated or overwhelmed in either their personal or professional relationships. If you are one of them, please don't beat yourself up over feelings of guilt or shame or feeling that you aren't enough.   
I empower people reclaim their joy and self-confidence and rediscover their sense of self and self-worth. I blend the habit Change Coaching Method (HCCM), Positive Intelligence (PQ) mental fitness tools and other well known evidence based methods to help my clients slide into their best self. My goal is to help you shed old, outdated habits and beliefs about yourself and others, by creating new habits that align with your new vision of who you want to become. Your habits control your beliefs about yourself. Once we shift your beliefs, you will become more self-actualized, and this allows you to create your new, lasting identity. From their, you'll find that your new behaviors will happen automatically to support you new identity.  I've seen this work countless times and I have been through the program myself! You'll grow and build self-confidence, improve productivity, and enhance your relationships, all within a few short months.

I offer 4 levels of coaching, from passive and free, to intensive, with a goal to enhance the lives of over 1,000 women each year. 

My most intensive and transformative level is my signature, 1:1 coaching practice, currently limited to only 16 clients per year. Keeping this to only 16 people per year allows me to provide 5 star, white glove service for all my signature clients. ($2500 for 18 weeks or 12 weeks for $1500)

For those looking for something less intensive, I offer group workshops covering "Healthy Boundaries", "Healthy Communication Skills With Confrontational People", and "Change Your Mindset and Never Diet Again". Group coaching is generally $25 per session. 

Other free or low-cost options include:

  1. Purchasing my book, "Overcoming Overwhelm" on Amazon. It's packed with useful knowledge plus doubles as a workbook to put that knowledge into action.

  2. Get on my email list for free coaching offers throughout the year

  3. Join my free, private Facebook group for moms called, Moms, Moving from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed.

  4. Follow me on Facebook for daily insights and inspiration.

Finding the right coach is like finding the right partner. We start with a complimentary discovery session to see if I am a good fit for you. Click the link below to grab a date on my calendar.

Free Stuff

Free Meditation: Wash Away Your Hurt and Fears


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